Aerospace and Military Applications

Serving the leading names in the aerospace industry, Gould Southern, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stephen Gould Corporation, has been a global source for custom kitting and packaging materials since 1974. Driven by our customers’ exacting needs, we create highly customized, cost-effective turnkey solutions that are rooted in lean management concepts and FOD prevention.

Gould Southern utilizes the 70 years of experience of Stephen Gould Corporation in packaging, logistics, kitting and management to create unique and powerful turnkey tool kitting solutions for commercial and military end users. Working with Stephen Gould, customers benefit not only from its many areas of expertise, but from the company’s fulfillment capabilities that include ordering and managing the kit’s contents and delivering a fully assembled product.

Custom-made kits address FOD prevention and lean management concepts. For example, every single item in a kit’s contents has its own location so missing or extra items are easily identified.  The inspection process is greatly facilitated. The company has many other services including etching, bar-coding, and tracking.

Additional advantages of Gould Southern Toolkits

These strengths, backed by seven decades of growth and accomplishments, are secured by a solid financial balance sheet.

  • Sizes range from small hand-held kits, stationary cabinets, to fully equipped mobile tool cribs.
  • Kits can be provided to exacting weight and space specifications.
  • Cases are durable, water resistant, dustproof, and chemical resistant.
  • Customers can order the exact presentation and contents they want with kits containing from a few to an unlimited number of items.
  • Representing over 300 companies enables Gould Southern to obtain virtually any item a user requires.
  • Kits can be standardized so the same kit can be used in multiple locations.
  • Kits can be customized to provide only what is needed to perform a specific task.
  • RFID capabilities can limit access to certain users or even to a specific item.
  • Stephen Gould streamlines the receiving process by delivering a completely assembled product.
  • Stephen Gould is a Registered Small Business—GSA Schedule GS-06F-0047S with over 250,000 line offerings.

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